IBL by Xuan Prada

In this professional course, you will learn how to create and use HDRI and Light Rigs based on Image Based Lighting for visual effects projects.

All the steps necessary to complete a lighting plan… LEER + >


BDVFX is the only Academy throughout the world that gathers not only two of the sole twenty V-Ray Mentors existing, but two Corona Primary Instructors. As an authorized center by Chaos Group, BDVFX has the capability to certify in V-Ray and Corona guaranteeing the legitimacy of their certifications.
Moreover, the Workstation features most advanced available for the students in the Academy will let them gain experience the fastest and optimized way. Our computers are equipped with Dual monitors, Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Quadro graphics cars and a pair of Geforce 1070Ti GPU.



We will take captures to collect the information needed to create panoramic HDRI maps on the film set. This project will be oriented as if it were a simulation of a real life request by a fictitious client.


We will learn how to plan correctly all the material needed to finish and polish the project successfully.


We will set a detailed breakdown, stopping at each step explaining it extensively. Also, the teacher will share multiple visual examples and exclusive materials to supplement the action plan.


In the last stage of the course, the teacher will guide the students during the whole definitive image compositing process.


We follow the learning by doing methodology.


  • HDRI Introduction
  • ¿What is HDRI?
  • ¿How does HDRI work?
  • When and how is it used in visual effects’ projects?
  • Required equipment to create HDRI images
  • Professional options vs amateur options
  • Outstanding accessories
  • Information collection equipment on set
  • Plate checking
  • Photo session of HDRI on set to be used as a lighting source
  • Session Planification
  • Tools for natural light control
  • Photographic diagram
  • Camera setting
  • Capture of brackets sequences
  • Capture of references in the set
  • Checking the set features
  • Processing of the information collected on the set
  • Backup methods
  • Smart features organization
  • Creating an HDRI panorama to be used in 3D software
  • ptGui
  • Tone mapping?
  • Organization of the resulting feature
  • Light Rig creation based on HDRI
  • Render choice
  • The Alignment Workflow
  • Importing the HDRI panorama
  • Lighting conditions of the set reconstruction
  • 3D element look development
  • Footage importation
  • Creation of a 3D scene with the given footage and the corresponding virtual camera
  • Adjustment of the light rig for use in the plane
  • Assessment of the lighting situation and the need to add additional lights
  • AOV´s creation and final setting render
  • Render
  • Slap Comp
  • Reusable composition templates creation
  • Plane composition
  • Color grading
  • Completion of the plan and rendering of the material to be delivered


Qué obtienes una vez completado el curso

At the end of this course, you will be able to photograph in a set of shooting all the necessary information to digitally reproduce the lighting conditions.
Process the material collected in the set; creating a light rig within a 3D software, illuminate and integrate into the footage a 3D element (character, vehicle, environment, etc.)
Render and compose everything to successfully complete a plan of a visual effects project.

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