Corona Archviz Essential

Iván Zabalza is a recognized Corona Primary Instructor that certifies most professionals around the world… LEER + >


For best results, the eligibility requirement to the course is 3ds Max elementary knowledge. However, the purpose of the course will set on getting to know the most basic concepts about the widget.  On the first block of the course, the discussing issues will be around the basics of the render engine and its walking philosophy.

Then, moving forward to the second part matters more advanced and specific of the render engine will be treated such as native tools and postproduction. Additionally, Iván Zabalza will furnish the students with his personal experience in the use of Corona Renderer. This way the course will be provided with theoretical learning and moreover, practical training oriented to teach tips and working techniques.


  • COURSE TRAINER: Iván Zabalza

Why choosing us?

BDVFX is the only Academy throughout the world that gathers not only two of the sole twenty V-Ray Mentors existing, but two Corona Primary Instructors. As an authorized center by Chaos Group, BDVFX has the capability to certify in V-Ray and Corona guaranteeing the legitimacy of their certifications.
Moreover, the Workstation features most advanced available for the students in the Academy will let them gain experience the fastest and optimized way. Our computers are equipped with Dual monitors, Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Quadro graphics cars and a pair of Geforce 1070Ti GPU.

Teaching Methodology

…learning to shoot non-existing images.

In this course, we will learn the basics on how to create 3D images as well as indoors and outdoors. There is no need to be too technician to accomplish excellent results, one of the greatest advantages of using Corona Renderer is its friendly software settings.
In fact, the philosophy behind this render engine is “be an artist, don’t be too technical”. If you’re curious about learning Corona, don’t think it too much. Take a step forward and discover Corona Renderer in a professional way, this is the render engine that has been mostly implemented in ArchViz Studios recently.


  • Learning how to set the render engine.
  • Corona Converter Tool.
  • Lights in outdoor scenes with Corona Sun + Corona Sky.
  • Lights in outdoor scenes with HDRI maps.
  • Common causes of Noise, render engine’s increasing of speed up to 75%.
  • Introducing PBR materials, Physically Based Rendering.
  • Creating dielectric insulating materials + IOR (Refractive Index).
  • Creating conducting materials (base metals) + IOR (Refractive Index).
  • Creating complex materials with Shader Blend and Corona Layer Material.
  • Creating complex maps with Composite Map.
  • Floorgenerator Tool.
  • Corona Multimap.
  • Corona Round Edges Map.
  • UVW Randomizer Map.
  • Translucency, Volumetric Absorption, and Scattering Maps.
  • Corona Displacement Tool.
  • Scatter Tool.
  • Corona Proxies Tool.
  • Shadowcatcher Tool for 3D integrating images.
  • Corona VFB Postproduction, Corona LightMix and Corona Image Editor.
  • After Effects Postproduction Settings.
  • Recording Format Files and Render Resolution Sizes.


What will you get finished the course

The course attendees will gain complete confidence in developing and accomplishing real ArchViz projects. It goes without saying, students will get complete control and knowledge of the tool.

This course will enable the student obtaining the Official Corona Renderer Certification. Being a Corona Renderer Certification holder has a series of advantages such as belonging to the Corona Certified User’s Club and the guarantee of accomplishing a professional training course in the only training center in the world that gathers: two V-Ray Mentors and two Corona Primary Instructors.

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